Tuesday, 5 January, 1999. Wilmington, Delaware.

By some measures I have a home. My Delaware license says that I live at 428 Greenwood Drive, Wilmington Delaware 19808. But that doesn't feel like home. I have lived there since I was in high school. Sure, most of my stuff is there, but its scattered around the house in boxes.

When people as where I'm from I say Boston. Its were I last lived, but since I have no where to call my own, it isn't home either. Right now, my home is sitting in a parking lot in Texas. And since I'm not there, I guess I'm homeless. But thanks to friends and family offering me shelter I don't need a cardboard box just yet.

Back in November, I thought I'd continue my trek into '99. I felt that if I drove home (there I go again, I mean Delaware) my trip would be over. And I was still considering moving to Colorado, or at least wanted to consider the option. So I made booked a flight from Austin to Philadelphia. I'd leave my truck behind and only take the things I'd need.

While back for the holidays, I couldn't sit still for too long. I've been to Boston twice and to DC once. Visiting friends, celebrating New Year's, going ice climbing and interviewing employeers. I presented my slides to some of my climbing buddies and I've had several requests for a repeat performance for a future time when I'm back in Boston. Definately.

At this point it is obvious to me that I need to settle down and rejoin the work force. But one last gig before I get sucked in. I'm leaving tomorrow with my extended family on a cruise along the Central American coast. My time spend learning to dive in scenic Lake Travis should be rewarded. I'm looking forward to not turning blue between dives! After the cruise I'll explore a limited part of Costa Rica for a week on my own. Hopefully my pathetic grasp of Spanish will get me by.