What's New

7 June 2001
I finally gave up and admitted I would never get around to completing the story of my trip to Thailand. So instead you'll have to content yourself with just the pictures (which is all you wanted anyway!). Thailand
8 May 2000
Added two diving trip reports one about Sea Dancer with 47 images and one on Florida.
25 February 2000
Added 40 images to Desert Rock, Bahamas, Cayman Aggressor and of course a few new Tuckerman pictures. Fixed blank page problem on Cayman Aggressor page.
20 December 1999
Updated contact info. Corrected location of Hovenweep Castle.
29 November 1999
Reorganized site. Added Bahamas, BVI and Desert climbing trip reports.
26 November 1999
Added Cayman Aggressor trip report w/ 13 images.
18 June 1999
Added 171 images to OnTheRoad as a slide show.
18 February 1999
Added the remaining OnTheRoad dispatches.
14 December 1998
Added new OnTheRoad dispatches.
15 October 1998
Added OnTheRoad dispatches.
9 October 1998
Switched to JavaScript navigation system, replacing C-Preprocessor method. It is unlikely anyone other than me will ever notice the difference.
16 February 1998
Major site update: navigation structure changed, added story line to index pages, added 25 new images.